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About Boost Hydro

Boost Hydro is a full-service infusion center serving the Brownsville and Downtown Brooklyn in New York City, New York. As more and more people experience all that infusion therapy has to offer and make these treatments part of their ongoing health and wellness routines, the team at Boost Hydro is here to assist, providing medically backed guidance and top-quality care. 

Infusion therapy is also sometimes referred to as IV nutrition therapy, IV hydration therapy, or a liquid vitamin drip. All of these names refer to treatments administered intravenously (IV) using a needle and thin medical tubing. The other end of the tubing connects to a bag that contains a mix of saline and custom-blended nutrients. 

Infusion therapy can enhance many essential functions, like immune support and athletic recovery. Treatments are a wonderful and natural way to address issues like fatigue, migraine pain, and nausea. Weight loss is another process that benefits from IV vitamin therapy.

At Boost Hydro, medical professionals perform all infusion treatments. This reduces the risk of infection or other negative outcomes and ensures patients receive the medical guidance needed to make informed decisions about their care. 

The best way to explore all that Boost Hydro has to offer is by booking a one-on-one consultation. The office can be reached by phone during normal business hours or online at any time of day.